Loughborough Junction and Coldharbour Lane in Maps

Detail from John Roque, 1746, MOTCO 2008 mAP Detail from Benost, 1758 Detail from A New and Accurate Survey of the County about the Cities of London and Westminster and the Borough of Southwark for 15 miles in Length and 12 in Depth Engraver Bennost 1758 Detail from John Carey, 1786. MOTCO 2003

John Cary 1786

Detail from Edwards c1800 – it is orientated south at top. Map Detail from Laurie & Whittle’s New Map of London and it’s Environs,  1804 Laurie & Whittle's new map of London with it's environs including the recent improvements , 1804 Detail from Environs of London, 1829 Environs of London, 1829 Detail from The Environs Of London, Baldwin & Craddock, 1832 , British Library The Environs of London, Southern Section, Published by Baldwin and Craddock, 1832, British Library Detail from Kennington to Peckham, circa 1832, Southwark Council Old Maps Kennington to Peckham circa 1830 Detail from Map of London and it’s Environs published by BR Davies, 1840 Lambeth Landmark, copyright London Borough of Lambeth Map of London and it's Environs published by BR Davies, 1840 Lambeth Landmark, Copyright London Borough of Lambeth Detail from Laurie’sMap of London, 1844 1844 Laurie's Map of London Detail from Stanfords Library Map of London and Its Suburbs, 1862 Stanford Library Map of London 1862-1871 Herne Hill section Detail from Borough of Camberwell Boundary Commission, Eyre & Spottiswoode, 1885, British Library Borough of Camberwell, Report of the Boundary Commisioners for England & Wales, Printed by Eyre and Spottiswoode, 1885, British Library Detail from OS 1893-96 OS 1893-96

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