Loughborough Junction by Colin Connaughton

Colin Connaughton www.imagekind.com

This painting , a view from Loughborough Junction Train Station was painted in 2012.

It is available from Imagekind on this link


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Camberwell Palace

Camberwell Palace William Keddie Forrester ,1957 SAC

This painting of Camberwell Palace is by William Keddie Forrester dated 1957. He lived in Dulwich and painted many scenes from the local area.

It was located on the corner of Denmark Hill and Orpheus Street, opposite the Post Office.

Camberwell Palace postcard

It was built in 1898/1899 and closed in 1956 and was demolished shortly after. It was mostly a variety hall and in it’s later days featured girlie shows mixed with variety acts. A sad end to a fine looking theatre.

Just for clarification, the Pub shown on the right was the Bulls Head later renamed The Metropole after the Metropole theatre on the corner of Denmark Hill and Coldharbour Lane was built in the 1890s. It was demolished in the 1920s for at first the Bijou picture palace then of course the Post Office. More on the Bulls head here



Part of the Southwark Art Colllection, GA1010.


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Milestone or Distance marker: recently uncovered on Denmark Hill

This distance marker was recently uncovered on Denmark Hill.



Located between what were Swiftclean and the Butchers shop at 10 & 12 Denmark Hill. Previously covered over with render as seen in the photo from Google streetview dated October 2015.

Capture from Google streetview Oct 2015

And this is how it was photographed for the Milestone Society in 2009.


Reference: SY_LODU03

Roadside marker photo from msocrepositary.co.uk (ref SY_LODU03) dated 2009

The Standard in Cornhill was according to Wikipedia ” the first mechanically pumped public water supply in London, constructed in 1582 on the site of earlier hand-pumped wells and gravity-fed conduits. The mechanism, a force pump driven by a water wheel under the northernmost arch of London Bridge, transferred water from the Thames through lead pipes to four outlets. The service was discontinued in 1603. This became the mark from which many distances to and from London were measured and the name still appears on older mileposts

This plaque appears at the site and is at  59-60 Cornhill. Taken from


The Standard Cornhill

Congratulations to whoever spent time and effort in removing the render.




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Two paintings of the Joiner’s Arms, Denmark Hill

Joiners' Arms Inn by JT Wilson City, 1850, City of London Metropolitan Archives

This painting by JT Wilson, dated 1850 is part of the City of London Metropolitan collection.



This painting shows The Cage and the Joiner’s Arms and was painted by Edward Arthur Phipson in 1922. Part of the Southwark Council Art Collection.


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Champion Hill Near Camberwell

Published in The Lady’s Magazine in 1796 this poem is credited to M.

Champion Hill Near Camberwell 1

Champion Hill Near Camberwell 2 signed M The Ladies magazine 1796

The Lady's Magazine, June 1796

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Denmark Hill Station by Lily Forwood

Lily Forwood Denmark Hill Station


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Russell’s Outfitters, Denmark Hill

Russell's Outfitters Denmark Hill 1920s attributed to L.G. Southwark GA1091

Painted in the 1920s and attributed to L.G., this painting is part of the Southwark Art Collection, GA 1091.

It shows the Denmark Hill shop of Russell & Co, who were linen drapers. They opened their business in the late 1870s at 66 & 68 Denmark Hill. They suceeded in business from Hills and Bamford who opened their store in 1857 at 5 & 6 High Street later 66 & 68 Denmark Hill. In 1894, Russell & Co expanded to 64 & 66 & 68 & 70 Denmark Hill. The business lasted until 1967 when the stores were divided back into three individual businesses, the National Provincial Bank, later called Natwest, Skilbeck Dry Cleaners and the wonderfully named Humpty Dumpty restaurant  later to become the Golden Grill.

1908c Denmark Hill (111) pu 1908

This postcard dates from before 1908 and shows rather elegant ladies  & children outside Russells.

From the South London Press 14th January 1905 is this advertisment.

C Russell and & Co from South London Press Jan 14 1905

The following advertisment was copied from a 1950s Camberwell Borough Yearbook.

Advertisment from early Camberwell Quarterly

Love to hear from anyone with memories of Russell’s.


Southwark Art collection

British Newspaper Archive



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