Camberwell Tree Walk

A very enjoyable Sunday walk with friends : Camberwell Church Tree Walk starting on Camberwell Green. The walk provided by the Camberwell Society.

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Ruskin Park Walks Summer 2020

Taken during my weekly, almost daily walks around Ruskin Park, summer 2020.

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Time for a tiny moment of self congratulation…, my blog about our local home and surrounding parts have just had it’s 10,000th visitor and nearly 22,000 views. We have been posting since April 2015.

Looking forward to the next 5 years.


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Ruskin Park shown in 16 old postcards

These postcards mostly date from 1900 through 1926. They were taken and published by The Local View Publishing, Albert Flint, Stengel & Co, GR Rogers, Harold North & Co & AFC. Click on image to see a larger view.

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New Planters for Loughborough junction

In the last few days, some lovely new planters have appeared in Loughborough Junction, just by the entrance to Loughborough Junction railway station. A collaboration between Loughborough Junction Action Group, Father Nature and Poroban.

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The LJ4D project, the Streetscape modelling of early Loughborough Junction

The LJ4D project, the modelling of early Loughborough Junction is a fantastic project to map out the evolving streetscape of Loughborough junction. Starting with Loughborough Junction Railway Station, taking in the Loughborough Junction central block including the Loughborough Park Congregational Chapel and Herne Hill Road.

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Two Paintings of Ruskin Park by Rosie Woods

Two paintings by Rosie Woods featuring Ruskin Park, undated.

Ruskin Park Pond

Ruskin Park.

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William Booth College – Denmark Hill by Nick Kobyluch

This Painting by Nick Kobyluch is dated 20 January 2015

You can see more of Nick’s work on his flikr site

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Coldharbour Lane by Kimball Bumstead

Coldharbour Lane by Kimball Bumstead 2019

This painting titled Coldharbour Lane by Kimball Bumstead, painted in 2019


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Denmark Hill shops in the 1950s, west side

I have often been asked over the last few years where certain shops were located on Denmark Hill, especially focusing on the 1950s.  I have included at the bottom of the post, photos where I have the appropriate ones.

1950s Denmark Hill West Side for blog

Photo from 1951 shows Rex Cleaners,  Kennedys and Bedwell & Bate. Rex Cleaners At no 8 Rex Cleaners opened in 1949 taking over from Spring Cleaners.

Alex Kennedy occupied no 10 from 1925 and before him John Kennedy from 1914.

Bedwell & Bate were tobacconists at no 12 until 1959 (succeeded by Tip Top Bakeries) and went all the way back to 1872, and before that Henry Augustus Bedwell ran the tobacconists at least back until 1843.

Denmark Hill Tram Route 56 ceased Oct 1951, Bedwell & Bate, Kennedys Sausages

Another tram view which  includes Chappell & Sons, funeral directors, Marcantonios,  Janus, ladies hosiery , Maynards and Leatherdales the bakers.

Denmark Hill

And another view below, dated from 9th June 1953, Queen Elizabeth 11 coronation drive, another view of Chappells, Marcantonios, Janus and the Essoldo Cinema.

Francis Chappell, funeral directors took on no 16 in 1934 succeeding E & I Dunn who were funeral directors at no 16 from 1905.

At no 14, Leach Bros ran a fishmongers from 1924 until 1977.

Marcantonio had their milk bar at 18 & 20 opening in 1949 and running until at least 1961. Not sure if they were open 1962-1964. In 1965 no 18/20 opened as Foodtown.

Denmark Hill 9th June 1953 Queen Elizabeth 11 coronation drive

Janus , the ladies hosiers were at no 22 between 1949 and  1967. Maynards at no 24 were open between 1908 and 1986, maybe a little later. I can’t remember. Leatherdales the bakery at no 26 opened in 1935 and ran until 1971.

This photo dated from 1964 features the Essoldo Cinema

1964 Essoldo Cinema, August 1964, SAC PC01818

And David Greig, also from the early 1960s, photo from a local newspaper. Poor quality photo.  Greigs were in Denmark Hill from 1912 and were open until 1975.

David Greig Denmark Hill, 1964

Boots the chemists at no 36 opened in 1912 and lasted at least until 1986.

Pearks Dairies opened their store at no 38 in 1924 and were open until around 1968.

At no 40 Walter Harris ran his drapers from 1955 until 1977. Succeeded by Pollard , Wade & Son, also drapers. Before Walter Harris no 40 was Lawrence & Co, house furnishers.

At no 42 AC Taylor ran his corn merchant businesss from 1914 until 1963. Succeeded by Harvey & Thompson, I am not sure what they sold.

No 44 was owned by a succession of the Rogers family who ran a stationers from 1906 until 1950 succeeded by Wyman and Sons, booksellers until 1967.

At no 46, Freeman , Hardy and Willis had one of their shoe shops, open from 1954 until around 1986. Freemans were open in Denmark Hill from 1929  at no 52. Before Freemans was John Maxwell, the tailors open from 1933 until 1950.

No 48 was occupied from 1927 by W Jones Beck and Sons who were fancy drapers until 1950ish . Burton Montague took over the premises in 1954 along with nos 50, 52 & 54. The reduced back to 52 & 54 in 1958 and lasted until 1977. In  1959 nos 48 & 50 were occupied by W & E Turner, shoe shop until 1977.

No 50 was Jon’s ladies hairdressers from 1940 until around 1950. Before 1940 it was Jupp and Sons, a confectioners from 1928.

An advert from a Camberwell Borough Guide from 1948 features Wickes the funeral directors at no 54.

54 DH Camberwell Borough Guide 1948

Woolworths occupied nos 56, 58 & 60 from 1929 until the much publicised closure of all stores  in Dec 2008/Jan 2099.

This photo shows Surgical Service, Ralph Wayne Outfitters & Kingston, the butchers and Woolworths in front of Tram 60.

Hidden behind the tram at no 62 were F Hinds, the jewellers, opening in 1926 and closing around 2008.

No 66 & 68 were taken over by Russells the drapers in 1880 , who added nos 64 & 70 in 1894. They lasted until 1967. Further info on Russells at this link

No 66 became the Skilbeck  Dry Cleaners, no 68 was the Humpty Dumpty Restaurant and then Golden Grill restaurant until 1980 and No 70 the National Westminster Bank, now known as Natwest and still there today.

No 72 was Duraty’s from 1946, they lasted until May 2009.

Kingstons the butchers at no 74 opened in 1933 and closed in 1969.

Ralph Wayne were open at no 76 from 1948 through to 1963.

And Surgical Service at no 78 open from 1947 through 1967.

Tram 60 on Denmark Hill at junction of Coldharbour Lane, Photo John H Meredith.jpg

If anyone has photos from the 1950s to help me fill in the gaps, I would be happy to credit you for your help. My e-mail is in the About.

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