Camberwell Palace

I am researching/collecting information about the Camberwell Palace for an eventual publication. I would be very grateful for any material.i.e. posters, programmes and photos you may have. Scanned versions, are fine and you can send them to

I would also like to hear your memories of visiting the Camberwell Palace for a show, pantomime or even messing around inside after it was closed.

Thanks very much , John

Part of the Southwark Art Colllection, GA1010.

This painting of Camberwell Palace is by William Keddie Forrester dated 1957. He lived in Dulwich and painted many scenes from the local area.

It was located on the corner of Denmark Hill and Orpheus Street, opposite the Post Office.

Camberwell Palace postcard

It was built in 1898/1899 and closed in 1956 and was demolished shortly after. It was mostly a variety hall and in it’s later days featured girlie shows mixed with variety acts. A sad end to a fine looking theatre.

A shop window poster for Camberwell Palace for week commencing 15th May 1950.

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is camberwell-palaceshop-window-poster-15th-may-1950-copy.png

Just for clarification, the Pub shown on the right was the Bulls Head later renamed The Metropole after the Metropole theatre on the corner of Denmark Hill and Coldharbour Lane was built in the 1890s. It was demolished in the 1920s for at first the Bijou picture palace then of course the Post Office. More on the Bulls head here

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Remembering Brian Haw on Loughborough Junction billboard

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Barney’s Cafe, old advertising signs spruced up

The old Bristol tipped and Woodbine cigarette advertising signs at Barney’s Cafe in Loughborough Junction have had a really good clean up by the builders refitting for a new restaurant. Barney’s was latterly known as Joel’s Barney’s Cafe.

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A message to Wanless Road from Yoko Ono, 2022

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Street Poetry in Loughborough Junction & Denmark Hill

Ridgeway Road
Loughborough Road
Denmark Place
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Bob Marley mural inside Loughborough Junction furniture warehouse

Following the closure of the Furniture warehouse on the corner of Coldharbour Lane and Hinton Road, work is being undertaken in the warehouse section behind the shop.

This mural of Bob Marley is high up on the dividing wall.

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Herne Hill Road postcard c 1908

This postcard published by The Card House Wholesale and M’fg Co shows a view of Herne Hill Road looking south up the hill from a point just before Wanless Road.

It was posted c1908 by Kate and addressed to My dear Ma at Coronation Road, Ashton Gate, Bristol. She says, a bird’s eye view of the road we live in & is a nice select place. ps our house is marked with an x.

By my reckoning that is no 23 Herne Hill Road, the 1907 & 1909 Kelly’s Dulwich, Tulse Hill & Herne Hill Directory states the household head was a Mr William Matthewson, who owned this house from 1892 through 1917. According to both the 1901 & 1911 census he was a carpet designer and a single man, Sharing the house was his brother Henry Matthewson and his wife Margaret Sarah. I guess that Kate rented rooms in this house.

I can find Shellard ‘s in Bristol but nothing on Kate. Maybe someone with more expertise than me can find more information on Genealogy sites.

On the left, where the gentleman is standing you can see the entry to one end of Wanless Road, at that time the home of Lambeth Coroner’s Court & Mortuary, as well Arlington lodge home of Lambeth’s Disinfection Station and Bacteriological laboratory.

On the right hand side, you can see two shops, nearest to us was Bebb Brothers Dairy, you can make out the Dairy sign outside the shop. One of the brothers Bebb was named David , they had the Dairy from 1900 through at least till 1916. Behind the Dairy was Walter Daniel Hedgmen’s shop.

On the far corner of Herne Hill Road and Wanless Road was The Herne Arms, the landlord was Frederick Harrington. He ran the pub from 1907 till 1919.

The first mentions of the shop, dairy and Pub date from the 1872 Effingham Wilson directory , William Wright listed as a beer retailer, Richard & Ann Delph running a chandler’s shop, and William Todd shopkeeper.

In the distance you can see the spire of St Saviour’s Church. It was consecrated on 25 June 1867. Around 1908 the vicar was The reverend John Bayfield Clark, MA, he was the vicar for an incredible 33 years from 1892 through 1926.

This photo dates from c1975 and is from the Lambeth Borough Photos site, reference 08945. St Saviours was given it’s redundancy order in March 1980 and was demolished in 1982. It still lives on using the Parish Hall.

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Herne Hill Road graffiti by The Artful Dodger

A new piece of graffiti has appeared on Herne Hill Road on the Railway Arches at the Coldharbour Lane end.

02/12/2021 This piece of street art has now been painted over. Not surprised. It had a rather unsavoury dubious message.

By The Artful Dodger

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The Two Free Book Libraries of Loughborough Junction + a small one on Loughborough Road

Cambria Road just by the Railway Viaduct
Grove Adventure Park on Gordon Grove
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David Greig – the sign returns

David Greig – the Sign returns

The old presumed lost David Greig shop sign at Coldharbour Lane makes a spectactular return,

cleaned and restored. Located at 232 Coldharbour Lane, it was the home of David Greig

Butchers. Well done to all responsible.

For a read of my original David Greig post in Loughborough Junction blog, click here

David Greig – the sign returns

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Three views of Loughborough Road through time.

These photos/postcards are all looking north just down from Loughborough Junction, with Wyck Gardens and Loughborough Farm on the left and right respectively.

The first image is a Card House Postcard no 19059, titled Loughboro’ Rd, SW. Sent to me by Brian Beckett. Dated 1914.

You can click on the image for a slightly bigger version.

The second image is a photo taken by Brian in 1960. Taken from the same viewpoint as the 1914 postcard above.

The new Loughborough Estate had been built some 3/4 years before. As Brian said in his email, he took this shot because the cobbled stone blocks of the old horse drawn taxi rank were still then in place.

Brian goes on to say that on the bombed out corner of Foxley Road and Camberwell New Road , a Mercedes Benz dealership was opened in the early 1950’s both for sales and service. Mostly service as there were few sales, however lots of servicing of pre war vehicles and those imported from Germany by returning serviceman. The mechanics often used the long straight Loughborough Road to test the vehicles, often at speed. Much to the delight of the pupils at Loughborough Central school.

Brian lived on Fairburn Road just beyond Five Ways from 1941 through to 1970.

The final photo was taken by Loughborough Junction blog on 2nd May 2021. A rare moment with no traffic on what is generally a very busy road.

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