Johnnies Cafe, a local legend

For over 43 years Johnnies Cafe has served up food to Loughborough Junctionites of all kinds. From locals, renters around for a few months or years, construction workers, Kings College Hospital employees and even Police Officers. A truly cosmopolitan crowd.

The space was occupied from 1927 through to 1956 by Harry Lee who was described initially as a Ham & Tongue dealer and then from 1936 as a general Grocer.

In 1969, M Hassan ran a restaurant at 104 Coldharbour Lane, succeeded by Johnnie in 1974. This is an early photo of Johnnies before expansion next door to the left. That was initially a Sweet shop then an IT centre for a while.

Johnnies Cafe

Johnnies Cafe June 2008 Streetview

Both photos from June 2008.

And from June 2014

Johnnies Jun 2014 Streetview

After extensive renovation we now have

Johnnies Cafe Sep 11 2015

Johnnie Cafe

Johnnies Cafe is now, as I understand it run by his son Johnny.

And here is a photo of “Johnnie” himself, taken in March 2017. A true Gentleman.


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