Three Painting featuring Trams on Coldharbour Lane by Ashley Best

Trams on Coldharbour Lane, by Loughborough Junction by John Re

This painting by Ashley Best was used as the cover of John Reed’s London Tramways, published in 1997 by Capital Transport Publishing. Based presumably on a photo.

It shows two tram number 34 en-route west along Coldharbour Lane just past the junction with Herne Hill Road.  London’s last trams ran in July, 1952.

In the background you can see the Shop sign for David Greig Butchers.

The next painting shows Tram 34 on route to Brixton at the Junction of Herne Hill Road.

The last painting also shows Tram 34 , this time at Loughborough Junction, waiting to continue on eastwards to Blackfriars. To the right is David Greig’s grocers, with The Warrior in the background.

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