Seven Railway Bridges in Loughborough Junction

Loughborough Junction has 7 railway bridges and for most of my time in LJ they have existed in a faded, grafitteed and generally grotty state. 7 Bridges describe themselves as an arts led regeneration project focused on improving the appearance of Loughborough Junction. It was officially launched back in September 2015 with a party at Cambria Road bridge.

The second bridge on Loughborough Road is now under way. It has been apparently a long and complicated process to gather together all the necessary permissions and find the funding.  Congrats to all involved.


This is what the bridge looked like in the early 1900’s.


This is just one image from the underside of Loughborough Road bridge.


The 1st completed project was the Cambria Road bridge and here are some photos

DSC03307 Panorama2





All photos by Nick Stevens, taken December 2015.




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