Coldharbour Lane: names before numbers

Before street numbering began in the 1870’s blocks of buildings had individual names. Today you can still see this on a number of terraces that still exist.

This is Dover Terrace which runs from 171 Coldharbour Lane, the Dover Castle pub now open as The Junction to 189 Coldharbour Lane.


And across the road is Chichester Terrace,

Panorama of Chichester Terrace Nick Stevens, April 2015

which also included 6 terraced houses on either side of Eastlake Road and Luxor Street.



Further down towards Camberwell we have Brunswick Crescent which included both Parades on either side of Kenbury Street.



Next came Elizabeth Place comprising The Plough pub now known as Amaryllis and 4 shops, one missing now as you can see.


Further down Coldharbour Lane we have Frederick Terrace


On the return back down Coldharbour Lane, on the south side de Crespigny Villas.

de Crespigny Villas

Then from numbers 149 Coldharbour Lane to 169 Coldharbour Lane, originally named Harbour Terrace.


Across the road was a parade of shops called Chandos Terrace which runs from the east side of Pomfret Road to Flaxman Road.


At Loughborough Junction this parade was named Bedford Place.


And across the road this terrace was named Maria Place.


There were many others, but they no longer exist in their original form.






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