The Street Art around Loughborough Junction

Always interesting is all the street / shop fascia art you can see around Loughborough Junction.

By far the most prolific artist is Morganico, whose work can be seen in a number of places.

2018 Joels Barneys Cafe Morganico

Joels & Barneys Cafe, Loughborough Junction by Morganico.

Next, Gandhi also by Morganico,  on the Herne Hill Road railway arches wall.

Herne Hill Road Gandhi Morganico

Next to Gandhi was Soapy Moos carwash

2018 Herne Hill Road Soapy Moos

Unfortunately, now painted over by Network Rail as part of their refurbishment plans for the arches. We lost both Soapy Moos and Gandhi.


Photo taken, March 2019

On Herne Hill Road for a short time in 2017 was this witch road sign

Morganico Witch Herne Hill 2017

And can still be seen in a tiny poster form on Herne Hill Road titled Morganico The Leaky Cauldron. Along with a cat … possibly the witches cat.

2018 Herne Hill Road Cat & Witch Poster

Morganico was also responsible for the restoration of the meth lab explosion fire damage to the Hokusai wave on Coldharbour Passage in 2014.


Nick Stevens photo: 2016

The following is located on Hinton Road.

2018 Hinton Road Morganico

Next to the above painting is this work

2018 Hinton Road

On the the entrance to the Loughborough Farm we have this, now with added tagging.

2018 Loughborough Farm

On the Flaxman Road wall of Harbour Cycles we can see

2018 Harbour Cycles corner Coldharbour Lane & Flaxman Road

And on the outside shelving outside Kashmir Halal Meats, Fruit & Veg.

2018 Kashmir Halal Meat Fruit & Veg

And this little gem on the road sign at the junction of Herne Hill Road and Wanless Road


All photos by Loughborough Junction blog except the Witch on Herne Hill Road which was taken from the Morganico gallery and the Hokusai taken by Nick Stevens 2016.

September 2018 : Another Morganico on Loughborough Road next to Loughborough Farm.


Morganico can be found at or

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