The Tree at the top of Denmark Hill by George Shepherd

This painting by George Shepherd is held in a private collection.

Tree at the top of Denmark Hill by George Shepherd

It is a view looking north from the Herne Hill side of the Triangle. Now the home of the Fox on the Hill. In the distance you can see a row of large houses and the top of Denmark Hill Chapel.

The chapel was built in 1773. “It was said that the inhabitants of Camberwell Green area “found it very difficult or impracticable to procure Seats or accomodation to attend divine service in the Parish Church of Camberwell” (St Giles)”. It was demolished in 1846, to allow the building of St Matthews Church, on the site of the current Dental Hospital.

More on the Denmark Hill Chapel here:

George Shepherd was born in 1784 and died in 1862. More on George Shepherd on Wikipedia

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2 Responses to The Tree at the top of Denmark Hill by George Shepherd

  1. Keith chessun says:

    When we were kids in the 40/50s , we refered to the triangle as the Plague Pit and would dig holes to let the lurgi out ! Apparently, years later we were proved right when an old map came to light. Word of mouth had proved more reliable than written records. The press said teams of workers spread Lime over the ground. And they said it would never be allowed to be built on and that might be a reason that it now a car park.


    • John says:

      Thanks Keith, I had heard that the Triangle was rumoured to once have been a plague pit, never come across any thing official. I’m not sure as a child or even now I would have dug holes there.


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