Russell’s Outfitters, Denmark Hill

Russell's Outfitters Denmark Hill 1920s attributed to L.G. Southwark GA1091

Painted in the 1920s and attributed to L.G., this painting is part of the Southwark Art Collection, GA 1091.

It shows the Denmark Hill shop of Russell & Co, who were linen drapers. They opened their business in the late 1870s at 66 & 68 Denmark Hill. They suceeded in business from Hills and Bamford who opened their store in 1857 at 5 & 6 High Street later 66 & 68 Denmark Hill. In 1894, Russell & Co expanded to 64 & 66 & 68 & 70 Denmark Hill. The business lasted until 1967 when the stores were divided back into three individual businesses, the National Provincial Bank, later called Natwest, Skilbeck Dry Cleaners and the wonderfully named Humpty Dumpty restaurant  later to become the Golden Grill.

1908c Denmark Hill (111) pu 1908

This postcard dates from before 1908 and shows rather elegant ladies  & children outside Russells.

From the South London Press 14th January 1905 is this advertisment.

C Russell and & Co from South London Press Jan 14 1905

The following advertisment was copied from a 1950s Camberwell Borough Yearbook.

Advertisment from early Camberwell Quarterly

Love to hear from anyone with memories of Russell’s.


Southwark Art collection

British Newspaper Archive



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