Three views of Loughborough Road through time.

These photos/postcards are all looking north just down from Loughborough Junction, with Wyck Gardens and Loughborough Farm on the left and right respectively.

The first image is a Card House Postcard no 19059, titled Loughboro’ Rd, SW. Sent to me by Brian Beckett. Dated 1914.

You can click on the image for a slightly bigger version.

The second image is a photo taken by Brian in 1960. Taken from the same viewpoint as the 1914 postcard above.

The new Loughborough Estate had been built some 3/4 years before. As Brian said in his email, he took this shot because the cobbled stone blocks of the old horse drawn taxi rank were still then in place.

Brian goes on to say that on the bombed out corner of Foxley Road and Camberwell New Road , a Mercedes Benz dealership was opened in the early 1950’s both for sales and service. Mostly service as there were few sales, however lots of servicing of pre war vehicles and those imported from Germany by returning serviceman. The mechanics often used the long straight Loughborough Road to test the vehicles, often at speed. Much to the delight of the pupils at Loughborough Central school.

Brian lived on Fairburn Road just beyond Five Ways from 1941 through to 1970.

The final photo was taken by Loughborough Junction blog on 2nd May 2021. A rare moment with no traffic on what is generally a very busy road.

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