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Coldharbour Lane in the 1860’s

In a contribution taken from The South London Press series entitled South London Sketches published in 1869, there is this article :  Down Coldharbour Lane. As a reference I include this extract from Edward Stanford’s Library Map of London and … Continue reading

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The Changing Face of the Triangle: corner of Coldharbour Lane and Denmark Hill or where Nando’s is now

1833 A drawing taken from The Church Under the Hill, WY Fullerton, published 1924 1890 Buildings demolished to make way for the new Metropole Theatre. 1894 The Metropole Theatre under construction. Undated postcard but early 1900’s Postcard circa 1908 The … Continue reading

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What and where was the Coldharbour?

A Coldharbour or Cold Harbour or Coal Harbour derives from Saxon times and describes a cold abode, a cold retreat. They could be found all over England. Olive Walker estimates some 200 Cold Harbours scattered about the country. Often said … Continue reading

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A Pictorial Stroll down Coldharbour Lane in the 19th Century

In this post I have put together a number of drawings, paintings and photos that represent scenes of Coldharbour Lane throughout the 19th Century. With some of the earlier dated drawings it is impossible to precisely pinpoint the location. With others … Continue reading

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Paramount Metals sign, Coldharbour Lane

Photo taken by Nick Stevens, April 2015

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Farewell Ulupica…. and hello to The Junction

So it’s farewell to the Bolivian influenced cafe Ulupica – it wasn’t open for very long but I did enjoy their coffee. Apologies for the terrible photo…taken in a hurry by Loughborough-Junction Blog,  August 2015. And hello to The Junction … Continue reading

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Loughborough Park Congregational Church

In 1859, The Reverend David Abraham Herschell, while an assistant to his brother , Rev Ridley Herschell at John Street, Edgware Road decided he should seek his own congregation away from his brother. David Herschell was originally born into a Jewish … Continue reading

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