A new Artwork at Loughborough Junction

At some point in August this new artwork was hung on the Green Man Skills Centre.


It is a Shimmer Wall Green Man which shimmers and sparkles in the sunshine.  A collaboration organised by Sunshine International Arts & 40 + local residents in November 2016.

It was funded by Matthew Betts, the Landlord of the building with assistance from Shimmerwalls UK.  Matthew is responsible for the regeneration of the old Green Man pub which was looking rather sad and run down after it’s closure in 2003. A trailblazer for the regeneration now happening in Loughborough Junction.


The Green Man is a symbol of rebirth and regeneration. Here is a link to Green Man on Wikipedia. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Green_Man


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Warped London by Samuel Wray

This painting, Oil on Canvas is set in Loughborough Junction at night time.

Warped London Samuel Wray


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It won’t take you there…

This sign in Loughborough Junction on the corner of Loughborough Road & Coldharbour Lane points you south …

Lambeth Archives sign Loughborough Junction.jpg

Minet Library and Lambeth Archives are of course in the opposite direction… heading north. Who knows how long it’s been there, just noticed it today.

I guess some joker has swung it round.

Postscript February 2018 :  “Health warning No 1:  If you visit the archives via Loughborough Junction railway station, ignore the nearby road sign which points in the wrong direction! ”

Taken from a report by Barry Hepburn on the visit of The Society of Genealogists to Lambeth Archives 4th April 2014.

Update: March 2018. The sign now points in the right direction






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Seven Railway Bridges in Loughborough Junction

Loughborough Junction has 7 railway bridges and for most of my time in LJ they have existed in a faded, grafitteed and generally grotty state. 7 Bridges describe themselves as an arts led regeneration project focused on improving the appearance of Loughborough Junction. It was officially launched back in September 2015 with a party at Cambria Road bridge.


The second bridge on Loughborough Road is now under way. It has been apparently a long and complicated process to gather together all the necessary permissions and find the funding.  Congrats to all involved.


This is what the bridge looked like in the early 1900’s.


This is just one image from the underside of Loughborough Road bridge.


The 1st completed project was the Cambria Road bridge and here are some photos

DSC03307 Panorama2





All photos by Nick Stevens, taken December 2015.




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Loughborough Junction, SE24 by Harriet Piercy

Loughborough Junction, SE24

Loughborough Junction, SE24 by Harriet Piercy


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Snazzy New Banners in LJ

Wandering home from work this afternoon, I noticed these new banners attached to lamp-posts in Loughborough Junction. Well done, whomever is responsible. I understand that pupils from Jessop Primary, St Saviours, Loughborough School and Michael Tippett School all helped to create the artwork that tells the history of Loughborough Junction.

They are two-sided with Loughborough Junction on one side and a local historical fact on the reverse.

Here are a selection of the Banners



This one outside the Co-op.


and finally this one next to the entrance to Cambria Road.

Banner Cambria Road





All photos by Loughborough Junction blog.




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Trams on Coldharbour Lane

Trams on Coldharbour Lane, by Loughborough Junction by John Re

This painting by Ashley Best was used as the cover of John Reed’s London Tramways, published in 1997 by Capital Transport Publishing. Based presumably on a photo.

It shows two tram number 34 en-route west along Coldharbour Lane just past the junction with Herne Hill Road.  London’s last trams ran in July, 1952.

In the background you can see the Shop sign for David Greig Butchers.




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