Loughborough Park Congregational Church – part 4

While doing some research into scenes from films & tv filmed in and around Loughborough Junction, I came across The Intruder (1953) directed by Guy Hamilton for Foxwell Productions and starring Jack Hawkins, Hugh Williams, Michael Medwin, George Cole & Dennis Price.

It tells the story of Ginger Edwards played by Michael Medwin who following demob from the Army enters into a life of crime. Jack Hawkins plays Wolf Merton, Ginger’s commanding officer who sets out to discover how one of his best men took the wrong path.

It features in the background in one scene the Loughborough Park Congregational Church. This clip shows Ginger’s arrival back home after demob and sequences the events that turn his life to the bad…

The church features at 8 minutes 40 seconds.

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2 Responses to Loughborough Park Congregational Church – part 4

  1. Chris Patterson says:

    Great find! So the church is on the corner of Coldharbour lane and Herne Hill Road? And the bus is outside the cycle shop?


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