Remainder by Tom McCarthy

A novel by Tom McCarthy with the main character residing in Loughborough Junction.

Remainder by Tom McCarthy 1st published by Metronome Press, Pris, 2005

…”What can you say to a writer who invents a character so perverse and controlling that he accuses the sun of poor job performance and employs squadrons of house hunters with no intention of seeing their picks, simply because their efforts will “scare my building out, like beaters scaring pheasants out of bushes for a lord to shoot”? What can you say to a writer who invents a world that contains the sentences: “I’ll start the liver and the cats. We’ll take it from there”? Only one thing can be said to such a person: Tell me more.” …

extract from a New York Times review, Feb 25, 2007 by Liesl Schillinger.

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